Miriam Rose Malaquias is the author of then number one Tanzanian cookbook; Taste of Tanzania: Modern Swahili Recipes For The West which is replaced with, the revised edition, Authentic East African Swahili Cuisine: Everyday meals. She has been posting recipes online for several years. She was the first Tanzanian to have a website dedicated to Tanzanian food in 2004.


Miriam Malaquias loves to cook and entertain, and happily for the rest of us, she loves to share her recipes. Her cookbook, Authentic East African Swahili Cuisine: (at Amazon.com) is an easy-to-use cooking guide filled with tangy dishes that highlight the spices that make East African Swahili cuisine special is the use of coconut, cardamom, garlic, saffron, turmeric, and pilau masala, a unique mix of black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and cumin used in many rice and stew recipes.
Miriam’s blogs on https://www.miriammalaquias.com

A Bantu native of Tanzania presently American citizen, living in the United States, Miriam Malaquias has lived in Kenya (since she was 17 years old and attended A-level in Kenya), Canada, Spain, and South Africa and traveled extensively in East Africa – Rwanda and Uganda. Wherever she travels, she gathers new recipes. Her favorites are East African Shrimp with coconut sauce and ugali, West African jollof rice, Ethiopian Injera and doro war sauce.

African cuisine, Miriam says, varies from country to country. East African recipes, for example, embrace the food of the many cultures that colonized them – Indian, Portuguese, Arab and English. North Africa mixes African and Arab cuisine. South Africa combines European and African cooking.

Miriam was and still is the owner of https://tasteoftanzania.com website. Miriam is no longer doing business as Taste of Tanzania or any other business. And has abandoned the Taste of Tanzania Trademark of USA.

You do not need to know this about Miriam

  • Miriam is a happy wife, and mother.
  • She was born in Dar – Es – Salaam, Tanzania from Catholic parents and is still a Catholic; never in any secret society, currently American citizen
  • Her tribe is Matengo (Bantu), and fluent in Swahili and English.
  • Has Masters in Information Technology from Clarkson University, USA, had worked in major companies in USA. Currently lives in USA.
  • Her late father was a Mathematician /Educator, retired from UNICEF / UNESCO; where he worked for over ten years, as Education Advisor for East, Central, and Southern African Countries; he was born in Mbinga District (Matengo tribe), and her Mother (a retired Primary School English and Math teacher), is from Songea (Ngoni tribe); both parents are from Ruvuma Region, Southern Tanzania.
  • Miriam is blessed with one child (Angolan-Canadian) who is a permanent resident of USA.
  • When she is outside her home, she is an extrovert. Once she is at her home, she is introvert; she does not like phone calls, or disturbance from outside. Never go out unless is with family.
  • Miriam’s hobbies are, cooking, sewing, upholstery, refurnish furniture, drawing flowers, reading, writing, Web Design/developing, Graphic Design, and Technical writing.
  • She is the world citizen; has lived in Several countries around the world.


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