Turmeric tea

Fresh turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea – Chai ya binzari manjano. You must use fresh turmeric root.
Turmeric tea is not part of Swahili cuisine, but is known among the Indian immigrants in East Africa. East African Swahili speakers preffer to use turmeric in rice, vegetable and meat stews only.

2 tbsp fresh turmeric paste
1 tbsp fresh ginger paste
5 cups water
4 tsp honey / sugar

Mix water, turmeric and ginger in a pan and boil. Once it reach boiling point, lower heat to low, cover and boil for 5 -12 min. Serve four cups. use one teaspoon of honey for each cup.
There is no rule of how much turmeric you need per cup. You can add more as you please. And remember, turmeric is good for your skin.

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