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  • December 21, 2017
    This Christmas, add Swahili Holiday Pilau on your table. You will never go wrong Click here for recipe
  • November 26, 2017
    You will be able to subscribe direct from website soon. For now if you want to subscribe you can use the contact form. Fill sections with * only.
  • May 30, 2021
    Authentic East African Swahili Cuisine: Everyday Meals, is published. It is a revised edition of Taste of Tanzania. Check at Amazon and  bookstores.
  • August 2022
    I am no longer on Social media
    Sipo kwenye mitandao ya kijamii
    Updated May 06 2023 I am only on Instagram @miriamrmalaquias managed by my family
  • August 13, 2023
    I will not continue with Taste of Tanzania as my personal brand or Trademark. I abandoned Taste of Tanzania Trademark since 2016, and 2020 was the final. Taste of Tanzania is no longer a Trademark and is not my brand any more. Only the Taste of Tanzania cookbook will stay to be my copyright; but also it is discontinued because the new revised edition with a new title is out.
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